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Debbie S. Miller

Author of nature books for adults & children

Glaciers Are Alive

Released on May 9, 2023,

my new children's book is now available!

A Wild Promise

Discover the world of tidewater glaciers in Alaska

A King Salmon Journey

Miller and Eiler follow one salmon on her trek, offering thought-provoking glimpses of both the fish’s biology and its important place in the cultures of Alaska and northwestern Canada. --New York Times Book Review 

Two thousand miles is a staggering distance for any kind of journey. But imagine making it not by car or even foot—but by fin. That’s what faces Chinook, a female king salmon, as she takes a dramatic trip to safely deliver her eggs. From the Bering Sea, up the Yukon River, and on to the Nisutlin River, A King Salmon Journey takes young readers on an engaging ride through the waters of Alaska and Canada, bringing to life the biology—and mystery—of one of the world’s most popular fish. Based on the story of a real-life Chinook, this beautifully illustrated book deftly combines science with a fast-paced tale of survival and perseverance. 

These two recent books describe how animals survive in the extreme environments of the Arctic and Australia's deserts. 


In a fascinating companion to Survival at 40 Below (2010), readers visit Australia’s Simpson Desert, spending a day (and night) with the animals that can tolerate its punishing temperatures. Readers may be familiar with emus, red kangaroos, and skinks, but plenty of creatures—mulgaras, dunnarts, thorny devils—will be new to adults and children alike."


-Publishers Weekly

           2013  Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children by the National Science Teachers Association &

           Children's Book Council.​


           2013 Teachers Choice Book, International Reading Association



The text moves smoothly and quickly, offering interesting glimpses of varied hibernation patterns and the physical characteristics enabling some animals to survive winter’s deep chill aboveground. A good introduction to the diversity of the region’s wildlife.”–School Library Journal


"A fascinating look at the great diversity of animal adaptations, as well as an introduction to some lesser-known species."—Kirkus Reviews

           2011 Teachers Choice Book, International Reading Association

          2010 Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children, NSTA & CBC

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