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Resources for Teachers

"As a second grade teacher, I just wanted to tell you that I loved your presentation last Friday. You have a great way of explaining things and keeping the children's attention (and mine, too!)  I loved the Alaska slides including your personal touch of showing your daughters' pictures. It was fabulous! The content of the program was so appropriate for second graders as it was intriguing and informative, but not overwhelming. It was especially helpful to learn about the various types of habitats in Alaska, including tundra and lakes, as I think the kids only imagine snow and ice. They loved learning about a state in our country, but one that is so very different from our own."     ---Nancy Levey, 2nd grade teacher, Greenbriar Elementary, Northbrook, IL

Bring America’s Arctic into your classroom. Join the Alaska Wilderness League's Educators Network to find great activities and lesson plans for  teachers.


Prior to Debbie's presentations, most teachers give students a take home book order form to give them the opportunity to order any of my books to be autographed.

Survival at 120 Above Teachers Guide:  The guide was created for use in Australia in conjunction with the new Australia edition Survival at 40C Above. The guide is suitable for schools in the U.S. too.

Check out my author You Tube channel for nature videos from Alaska and Australia.

Explore Alaska by listening to Richard Nelson's radio podcasts about the wildlife and environments. He has produced more than 100 programs about Alaska's rich natural history. This excellent web site also includes a  "Wild Explorer" program, with tons of information and photos about Alaska's animals, suitable for high school.

My favorite writing book for teachers focuses on the revision process. I highly recommend After the End by Barry Lane. This book will help teachers work with their students on the second draft. It is loaded with tips on how to make the revision process creative and fun for students, versus a painful process!

Need a bit of inspiration for your writing? Get a  copy of Take Joy:  A Book for Writers by Jane Yolen.  She has authored more than 200 books, including my favorite picture book for children, Owl Moon. Take Joy is a wonderful book about the craft of writing with personal stories and great anecdotes. You'll want to take out that journal and start writing.......

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